By Israel Banini

“It seems that you were born with a proud personality, Mr. President, devoid of courtesy and refinement, But you were also endowed with clear vision…”

Mr. President,
Listen, I don’t agree with your opinions on so many things: your elephant sized government, breaking of laws by vigilante groups, release of the ‘Delta Force 8’, BOST contaminated fuel scandal, US$2.25 Billion bond saga, Gh¢800k website Saga, Kelni-GVG saga, Australia 2018 , 21st Commonwealth Games Visa Scandal.

I don’t like the way you talk like a British, the way you treat women, the plagiarism of your inauguration speech, even the way you cut your hair. I would not want to be your friend, I believe you have many good weather friends.

But as far as your understanding of the free senior high school is concerned, you are absolutely spot on. Your ability to distinguish between what to do now and what to do later, and your choice to act now to educate and feed students is spot on as well. In that respect, you are the best there has ever been. You are a gift that in our rosiest dreams (at least most of ours) we could never even pray to receive.

Your predecessor, that fellow Jerry Rawlings, was a man that was more to my taste. He was a skilled orator and visionary leader whose natural charisma was pretty substantial. Jerry Rawlings was one president who would rival Nkrumah for charisma, and surpass him with flowery oratory – the one person who spent more time in office than any other as head of state of Ghana.

The way he talked, the way he danced, how funny he was, how good he looks, how his wife was so strong, successful and influential, and how everything fell into place. Everything, that is, except for his basic understanding of justice.

His records on justice are abhorrent to hold. Prince JJ is the only head of state to execute not one, not two, but three former heads of state of this country.
For a country with a rich history of coups, with each littered with its own unconscionable abuses and atrocities, Rawlings remains in a league of his own in that aspect. The blood spilled under his regimes pale in comparison to any one can think of.

It seems that you were born with a proud personality, Mr. President, devoid of courtesy and refinement, But you were also endowed with clear vision and understanding of the word “priority”, which is precisely what we need now. That is why you are a force for good, a conduit for great relief for the people of Ghana.

That’s why I’m honored to invite you to lunch at my farm, akplē and abobitadi, alihā, zorklale, and herbal teas. I hope that until then you remain healthy despite all the junk food you stuff your mouth with. I can’t stand you, but am falling in love with you quickly.

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