The Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States

President1st Term2nd Term3rd Term4th Term
George Washington17891793
John Adams1797
Thomas Jefferson18011805
James Madison18091813
James Monroe18171821
John Quincy Adams1825
Andrew Jackson18291833
Martin Van Buren1837
William Henry Harrison1841
James Polk1845
Zachary Taylor1849
Franklin Pierce1853
James Buchanan1857
Abraham Lincoln18611865
Ulysses S. Grant18691873
Rutherford B. Hayes1877
James A. Garfield1881
Grover Cleveland18851893
Benjamin Harrison1889
William McKinley18971901
Theodore Roosevelt1905
William Howard Taft1909
Woodrow Wilson19131917
Warren G. Harding1921
Calvin Coolidge1925
Herbert Hoover1929
Franklin D. Roosevelt1933193719411945
Harry S. Truman1949
Dwight D. Eisenhower19531957
John F. Kennedy1961
Lyndon Baines Johnson1965
Richard Milhous Nixon19691973
Jimmy Carter1977
Ronald Reagan19811985
George Bush1989
William Clinton19931997
George W. Bush20012005
Barack Obama20092013
Donald Trump2017

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