Reasons I Love Taylor Swift


Long before “Teardrops on My Guitar” started gaining traction on my favourite local radio station I have had a Taylor Swift obsession. When it was released on February 19, 2007, I was already an adult, definitely not one of the cool adults, and I felt like Taylor’s lyrics were speaking directly to me. “I’m Only Me When I’m with You” had me dreaming about the perfect relationship with my best friend. “Our Song” still makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to this day. And then there’s “You Belong with Me,” the single that launched Taylor into mega-stardom and became every music lover’s meet-cute fantasy.

As I started to grow up in music, so did Taylor’s songs. “Fifteen” was released around the same time I bought a new car, and as soon as I got the car’s documents in good shape, Taylor’s songs served as my exclusive soundtrack. My love for Taylor endured every tabloid rumor, every girlfriend, and every breakup. “All Too Well” is the greatest song of all time. So when people started hating on her for dating too many guys, for breaking too many hearts, and writing too many songs about it, I stood by my girl. Two of her albums got me through a major break-ups; I owed her.

Here are the reasons why I love Taylor;

1. Her songwriting is bomb

Taylor is an incredible songwriter. This girl wrote her entire album “Speak Now” at age 21. The emotion and realness of her songs leaves me wonder-struck every time.

2. Her lyrics are relatable


There’s a Taylor Swift song for every situation you go through in life. That’s a straight up fact.

3. She’s ruthless (in the best way)

“Teardrops On My Guitar” is the best example — Drew is directly called out. That boy had to learn the hard way not to mess with Taylor’s feelings.

4. She plays four instruments

Taylor plays the guitar, piano, ukulele and banjo. How can someone be so good at everything?

5. Her music videos

All of her music videos tell a story. They are like mini-movies; her outfits are bomb, and the scenery is gorgeous.

6. Her friend group

Everyone wants to be in Taylor’s friend group; it’s #squadgoals

7. Her concerts


Taylor’s concerts are epic. She includes acoustic guitar and piano versions of her songs, and during the 1989 World Tour, had famous guest stars come each night.

8. She is gorgeous

Taylor is stunning with her signature blonde hair, blue eyes and red lipstick.

9. Her style

Taylor is a fashion icon. Whether it’s at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, or simply walking down the street in New York City, she is slaying.

10. Her cats


I’m not even a cat person, and I’m still obsessed with Meredith and Olivia. That’s saying a lot.

11. She embraces her awkwardness

Taylor has made awkward become cool. People may make fun of her dance moves, but that only motivates her to shake if off even more.

12. She’s so down-to-earth

Taylor is one of the most famous stars out there, and yet she acts so humble. She continues to get super-excited each time she wins an award, and I love it.

13. Her family

Taylor and her mom are BFFs and it’s the cutest thing ever. She even dedicated the song “Best Day” to her. She’s very close with her dad as well, and her younger brother, Austin.

14. She’s still close with her BFF from high school

Taylor and Abigail Andersen are #bffgoals. Abigail knew Taylor before the fame, and she even appears in several of her music videos!

15. Taylor loves her fans


Taylor is always expressing how grateful she is for her fans. Also, she is really active on Tumblr and often responds to her fans with witty and funny replies.

16. She’s so normal

Taylor may be a famous, award-winning country/pop star, but she acts like a normal girl, and relates to us on so many levels.

17. She’s hilarious

Taylor cracks some pretty good jokes. Her humor is the best.

18. She’s caring

Taylor is constantly giving back and putting her money and time to great causes. She wrote the song “Ronan” in honor of the little boy with cancer, who unfortunately passed away.

19. She’s a great role model

Taylor has such a good head on her shoulders and is always classy. She has fans that range from five years old to 95 years old, because how can you not love her?

20. She’s an inspiration

Taylor has taught us to accept ourselves and be comfortable with who we are. She also inspired me to start writing songs myself, something that has changed my life, and something I’ve become very passionate about. I can never thank you enough, Tay, love you.


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