6 tips to make sailing easier on yourself


Duncan Kent investigates many ways a yacht owner can make life that little bit simplerA Hanse sailing in the Solent

Credit: Graham Snook/Yachting Monthly

Have you ever been on board your yacht and thought to yourself, ‘There must be an easier way 
of doing this’?

it’s adding the magic muscle power of electric winches, windlasses and furlers, installing thrusters to aid berthing or simplifying deck gear layout to reduce friction, there’s a lot you can do to reduce the stresses and strains of handling your yacht.

Reducing the load and effort doesn’t mean you have to sell the boat you have for something smaller – a 25ft boat can be a lot harder to sail than, say, a 35-footer due to the reduced stability and lack of deck space.


There are myriad ways to lessen 
the effort required for hoisting, trimming, tacking and reefing, and they don’t always depend on electrical or hydraulic assistance.

1. Reduce friction

A man holding a sheave

Credit: Graham Snook/Yachting Monthly

Could the line leads be simplified? Are the sheaves free running and in good shape? Change out old, worn blocks with new roller-bearing equivalents or low-friction rings. Consider fitting a PE mast track to make raising the mainsail easier.

2. Sail plan

A yacht sailing in the Solent

Credit: Graham Snook/Yachting Monthly


Do you need a 150% genoa all the time or could you sail with a smaller jib, perhaps even consider fitting a self-tacker? To make up for the loss of sail area, you could use a furling off-wind sail, like a gennaker or code zero, when you need to.

3. Thrusters

A yacht using thrusters in a marina

Credit: Side Power


Consider a bow thruster to make turning in tight marinas a doddle and eliminate stressful berthing situations. Fitting a stern thruster as well will enable you to spin the boat in herlength or hold the boat against a pontoon without the worry of her being blown off.

A yacht heeling with sails full of wind

Professional skipper Simon Phillips shares his tips on how to get better value from your sails

A radar screen on a Raymarine instrument panel

If you have AIS do you really need to add radar to your equipment package?

4. Anchor windlass

a man fitting an anchor wndlass on a yacht

Credit: Graham Snook/Yachting Monthly

Raise the anchor and all its chain 
at the push of a button. Controls for the windlass can also be fitted to the helm for when sailing shorthanded. If you plan to go long-term cruising, an electric anchor windlass should be a necessity for those who prefer anchorages to marinas.

5. Electric Winches

An electric winch handle on a yacht

Either convert every winch on board to an electric winch by using an electric winch handle, fit new electric winches or modify existing winches to assist with a multitude of sheeting and hoisting tasks.

6. Regular maintenance

A man cleaning a boat part in a blue bucket

Credit: Graham Snook/Yachting Monthly

Making sailing easier needn’t cost the earth. Keep deck gear running smoothly by washing salt out of swivel bearings and blocks after a sail and help their lifespan. Service winches every season to make their operation smoother.

For the full article see the June 2018 edition of Yachting Monthly. Available here: http://mags-uk.com/browse-by-title/yachting-monthly.html


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