EQ Settings for the FT 991


To boost TX audio, turn on the “MIC-EQ” from the display screen function buttons.

Set “SSB out level”, menu number 107 to 80
Set “SSB TX BPF”, menu number 110 to 300-2700

Set the following menu numbers to the values shown.

(For original FT-991 without updated firmware, menu numbers will be 2 places higher)

119EQ1 Freq500
120EQ1 Level9
121EQ1 BWTH8
122EQ2 Freq1000
123EQ2 Level7
124EQ2 BWTH8
125EQ3 Freq2000
126EQ3 Level5
127EQ3 BWTH4
128EQ1 Freq100
129EQ1 Level10
130EQ1 BWTH3
131EQ2 Freq700
132EQ2 Level-3
133EQ2 BWTH7
134EQ3 Freq3200
135EQ3 Level10
136EQ3 BWTH2

Yaesu Serial Number Info:
Year, Month, Production Number, Unit number

e.g. 4N960040
4 = Year (2004) N = Month (Months start with C for January so N = December) 96 = Production Number and 0040 = Unit number.

C = January, D = February, E = March, F = April, G = May, H = June, I = July, J = August, K = September, L = October, M = November, N = December

Service Menu : WARNING – Do not change the service menu settings unless you are qualified to do so and with all appropriate test equipment.

Power up while holding in FAST, A/B, and A=B buttons
To save changes, press and hold MENU/SETEP button until radio restarts


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