Bye bye Yaesu, hello Icom IC-7100!


The holidays are here so time for playing radio. Because of Corona, we have our caravan set up on a farm with friends a couple of miles away and we can go there whevere we feel like it (or stay at home if we want to), really ideal.

I’ve had many “holiday radios”; Kenwood TS-50, Yaesu FT-707, FT-897D, FT817D, FT450D, FT-991 but for some reason I just didn’t like ‘m very much. They did the job, but for some reason I always felt it was a struggle to work with. Last year I bought a Yaesu FT-891, a simple HF radio. I didn’t do much VHF/UHF and for listening to the local repeater the Yaesu FT-65 was good enough. I still think that for the price (around €550 with cashback rebate), that radio just can’t be beat.

The performance is great and the DSP functions work great too. The reception sound reminded me of my trusty FT-2000 I once had. IF frequencies of the FT-891 are the same as the FT-950 / FT-2000 so I wouldn’t be surprised the FT-891 leans on those predecessors technology wise. I didn’t have VHF / UHF in my shack and used a cheap 2m transverter for a while but missed out on the 70cm fun.

Therefore I bought a Yaesu FTM-100D and even though it worked and sounded fine, I didn’t have a click with it. Then I started watching some videos on Youtube and found that the IC-7100 has a lot in common with the IC-7300 (or vice versa actually). I really love the intuitive controls and decided to sell the FT-891 and trade in the FTM-1000D on a brand new IC-7100.


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