You’ve the right to demonstrate – Bureau of Public Safety to NDC


After the Electoral Commission (EC) declared Akufo-Addo the President-elect of Ghana on December 9, the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) organized a press conference insisting the results was flawed.

The party was condemned for its actions and advised to take their grievances to the Supreme Court for a resolution instead of charging its supporters to engage in a demonstration.

The Bureau of Public Safety has however sided with the opposition, National Democratic Congress saying that it is in the party’s right to engage in a demonstration.


In an interview with Happy 98.9FM’s Sefah-Danquah, the Executive Director for the Bureau of Public Safety said, “Demonstrations are a part of our democracy and that cannot be taken away from us. If people have an issue that they’re displeased about, they can vent their frustrations through demonstrations so far as they’re not hurting people or causing damage to property”.

According to the bureau, it does not matter where and when anyone wants to engage in a demonstration because the law is not against it.

Justifying the need for the NDC’s demonstration, Nana Yaw Akwada cited the 2012 election petition as typical example.

“During the Supreme Court hearing in 2012, the same thing happened and NPP party faithful engaged in demonstrations too. The NDC must be allowed to do same”, he said.

He advised the Police and other Security Agencies against using violence on peaceful demonstrators saying; “We must know that our democracy is in conflict if the fundamental human rights of citizens are infringed upon. They should be allowed to take part in a demonstration as that can actively help improve our democracy as a country”, he added.


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