Speaker Election: We’ll find out MP who betrayed us and punish him – Atta Akyea


Samuel Atta Akyea, Member of Parliament for Abuakwa South Constituency, has vowed that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) will fish out the mole who voted against the NPP’s nominee for the Speaker of Parliament position.

NDC’s Alban Bagbin garnered 138 of the votes cast to beat Prof Mike Ocquaye who only garnered 135 of the votes cast to the great disappointment of his party who had already printed brouchers showing him as the Speaker

Speaking to the media after the election, the Abuakwa South MP said: “I think he will be found out because some of these things you think you can get away with but the person will be found out and when he’s found out, he should be disciplined”.


He continued “See when I say I’m for the New Patriotic Party and the course of the New Patriotic Party I might disagree but so long as that’s what the party’s pleasure is, he should toe the line. That is how you are counted as one of us. What you’ve done is that you have empowered the people on the other side and if he’s so found, I’m of the humble view that he should be punished”.

Hon. Atta Akyea was not specific about the punishment to be meted out to the individual he describes as a black cat, but he said he knows that the political party has procedures in dealing with such matters


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