Military stormed Parliament on their own accord when they sensed ‘democracy’ was in danger – Nitiwul


Defence Minister Dominic Nitiwul say the the military personnel who stormed the Parliament of Ghana did so on their own accord after the realized that ‘Democracy’ was in danger.

Hon. Nitiwul said this in response to allegations by Tamale Central Member of Parliament Murtala Mohammed that he ordered the Military invasion into Parliament.

Armed Military men invaded the Chambers of Parliament on January 7 while Parliamentarians were voting to elect a Speaker for the eighth Parliament.

Their presence in the Chamber of Parliament came as a shock to many considering the fact that the Military is not expected to enter the chamber of the Law making house.

In an explanation, the former Defense Minister, who is also the Member of Parliament for Bimbilla Dominic Nitiwul denied the claims saying ““It got to a point that Members of Parliament themselves were a danger to themselves. A danger to Ghana. Any Member of Parliament could have used a knife or an offensive weapon on another”.


He indicated that the Soldiers were on the premises for the inauguration of the President and sensing danger had to come in to protect the Members of Parliament who were engaged in near fisticuffs.

“In any case, if you need them or they sense that at a point the MPs are a danger to themselves, at least they will come and protect us, and … that was exactly what happened. Nobody called them,” Nitiwul said.

The lawmaker further indicated that he told Murtala of the presence of the Military.

“I gave him the information, and anybody who cares to know, I think one or two MPs were standing by the Majority when I told them that, ‘Look, there are soldiers and police all around to protect you, to protect me and to protect the state tomorrow.’ ”


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