4 Ways Peloton Has Changed My Life Forever

Shelley H


I never thought I would say this. I thought I would hate this bike.

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Firstly, the bike is insanely expensive. If you want all the recommended gear, you’re looking at around $3000 for a stationary bike. Then on top of that, you’re locked into a $39-per-month subscription.

If you go ahead and purchase non-Peloton equipment (stationary bike, tablet, and extras), you’ll probably pay about third the price of a Peloton bike. And, the Peloton app itself is just $13 per month for non-bike and tread owners. So, I thought I would be wasting money on a dumb brand and get completely brainwashed.

Secondly, I’m not a bike person. I never really enjoyed Soul Cycle due to my lack of rhythm, and I would get bored after a long bike ride in the forest.

Thirdly, I’m not a lover of classes. I like my own routine and going to the gym by myself. So, the idea of someone yelling at me to ride harder or pedal faster didn’t jive with me.


I was so wrong. I am now writing this short article wearing Peloton activewear, and I’m obsessed with everything about the company.

After almost one month of using my Peloton, I have worked out over 78 times. You may ask yourself, how can you work out 78 times over 30 days? Well, sometimes I do a 20-minute strength class followed by a 30-minute cycling class and then complete my day with a peaceful sleep meditation. Each class is calculated as a separate workout.

So far, I have spent over 2,136 minutes on all Peloton platforms (bike and app) traveled over 267 miles, and I’ve burned over 15,495 calories. That’s a lot!

Now, let me tell you how my Peloton bike has changed my life.

  1. Less stress and more focus on myself
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Quarantine life is rough. Today is raining, but when I jumped on the Peloton, it brightened up my day. I’m not too sure whether it is the endorphins or the positive reinforcement from the instructors, but it always feel good. I don’t get this feeling from any other workout I do by myself. There is something magical about getting on that bike; it completely erases my mind from any worry and lets me focus on a positive outlook.

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2. Everything works perfectly together

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Sure, the Peloton bike is a stationary bike with a tablet and some sensors, but when you put everything together, it all just works perfectly. When I jump on that bike every morning, it tells me the exact cadence, resistance from 1 – 100, and I can also see what the instructor is recommending.

In addition to tracking all of the sensors, they match the licensed music to the cadence so you can close your eyes and hit the targets.

The instructors are the best motivational speaker put into your bike. Just imagine Oprah or anyone you relate to teaching you and guiding you on this great journey. With all of this put together, Peloton makes working out something I look forward to every day.

3. I’m more driven.


You may have heard people referring to Peloton as a cult. One of the reasons why I think it is such a successful brand is because when you’re participating in their workouts, you get constant motivation about how great you are. You’ll hear the instructors giving a shoutout to Peloton members who have reached a milestone, whether it is 25, 100 or 1,000 rides.

I’m so excited about reaching 100 rides and being part of the Century Club. I remember hearing people talking about traveling to New York to take part in live classes for their milestone achievements and thinking it was utterly ridiculous. And now, it is something I want to accomplish.

4. Together we ride.

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I’ve been having zoom parties with my friends where we play games and have a great time. The next morning we are all back on our Pelotons trying to burn off those extra calories from the beverages we drank last night. I can see what class they are taking and join them along the ride. You can even video call a friend and take a class together straight from your bike..


Although we are all isolated by ourselves, Peloton is bringing us together.

Now that you have heard my four reasons why I love my Peloton bike, how do you feel about Peloton in general? And, if you’re reading this while riding on your Peloton two thumbs up to you.

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