These Are Lesser-Known Facts About 50 Cent’s Love Life


Is 50 Cent in love? Has he ever been in love? We’ve discovered some fascinating facts, and we can’t wait to share.


It doesn’t matter if we love him or hate him, 50 Cent is undoubtedly one of the most famous rappers of all time. Sure, some rappers nowadays are starting to take over at the helm of rap genius, but 50 Cent will have bragging rights forever. Between his successful business ventures and his well-selling records, 50 Cent will continue to blossom well after he’s given up the golden fleece of rap godliness. But what about his personal life? Sure, he’s open about his business and his work. But the rest of his life is low-key shrouded in mystery. The most highly guarded secret of his personal life? Love. Is 50 Cent in love? Has he ever been in love? We’ve discovered some fascinating facts, and we can’t wait to share.

13 He’s Only Had A Few Relationships

Now, let’s be clear, he’s had a few relationships since becoming famous. Even famous people have a past, and we’re not sure what 50 Cent’s entails. What we do know is that his love life is far from barren. A handful of relationships grace his biographies, and give us reason to believe that there’s more even further back.

12 And He Doesn’t Like To Talk About Them

The downside? He doesn’t particularly like to share. While there’s certainly some gossip hidden in the depths of 50 Cent’s relationship history, there hasn’t been much straight from the horse’s mouth. He’s definitely got some opinions on love, but there’s been nothing about his actual relationships. At least, there wasn’t until Cuban Link came along.

11 His Current Girlfriend Is 24

Cuban Link is a law student who’s currently dating 50 Cent. A model and definitely an up-and-coming superstar, she’s also 24 years old. Age gaps are pretty common in celebrity relationships, and the two of them don’t seem to be bothered by it. In fact, they seem to be very happy with the way things are going.


10 And It Might Actually Be Love

We’re not saying anything, but it’s definitely going in the right direction for it. 50 Cent has been a little over-protective when it comes to her social media, but we’re going to take it as a sign that there’s a whole lot of feelings there for him. Could it be love? Well, judging from each of their social medias, it’s certainly looking like it.

9 His Most Important Relationship Is Still Going Strong

50 Cent

Despite this new blush of romance blooming into his life, 50 Cent still has one of his most important relationships going strong. As his relationship with his baby mamas continue on that co-parenting track, 50 Cent’s kids have mixed feelings about him. However, he’s keeping the relationship going; that’s

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